Visual Geographic Lifestreaming Service nVine Powered by Nokia Phones

Below is a cute little video created by Nokia discussing their nVine service which provides a beautiful geo based visualization of user submitted data from their phones. From your phone you can submit geo tagged photos, videos, and music activity to the service and share it with other users.

Here’s the video

Visiting the site you are presented with a Flash site that displays a map of the world with flags depicting locations where users have created vines. You can zoom into the map at any given location to reveal more vines the closer you go in. You can also view latest vines and even search for vines.


I zoomed into several vines I found in Mexico and came across a few users that had submitted photos and video of a Radiohead concert.

Click image to view site

Click image to view site

I found this to be pretty cool and it got me thinking about how we really haven’t seen much in the way of collaborative geo-tagging on maps as it relates to Lifestreaming. This definitely is an area ripe for some innovation.

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