Postpost is a Nice Alternative for Viewing Your Facebook Content

On the heels of my post on the social content reader evolution comes a new entrant called Postpost. This new service provide you with a several custom views for the content generated on your Facebook account. Simply connect your account to their service and within less than a minute you will have a completely new way to view your Facebook newsfeed.

After your data is imported and displayed in a very elegant way where individual items will appear as content boxes on a page devoid of all the other Facebook site clutter. Also, the content will dynamically adjust itself depending on the resolution you are viewing the service with. I even stretched out a window across 3 displays to view the service at a whopping resolution of 5120 x 1200 (see below). Postpost is available through their website as well as a Chrome web app. I tested both versions and I recommend going with the Chrome web app. It takes advantage of some very nice UI enhancements not found on the Postpost website version and also seems to offer much better performance as it fetches new content dynamically while you scroll down the page.

Postpost running at 5120 x 1200 spanning 3 displays

Within each content box you have the ability to comment on and share each item on Facebook from within the app. Unfortunately you can’t share the content yet on other services such as Twitter. They also plan to add the ability to like in the near future. One of the more exciting features that the service provides is the ability to filter your Facebook content by several types. This includes a viewing filter for photos, videos, and links each displayed in their own isolated sections. This is a great feature that is also offered by the Newsmix iPad app but does this for both your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I expect this media filtering feature to start making its way to more social content readers in the future.

Overall this is a very nice way to view your content with visual enhancements and filtering not available to you on the Facebook service itself. My first question is if and when will they add Twitter support? I would also love to see Google Reader support. As I stated in my previous post I also find it very important for thew new readers to offer a way of prioritizing content so as to not just show me the most recent items. Lastly some deeper integration for filtering Facebook data by friends lists, or groups would be nice.

Robert Scoble recorded a video with the creator of Postpost which you can see below. There are also many good comments on Robert’s post which you can read here.

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