Qwerly Brings Social Media Account Discovery and Lifestreaming Snapshots for People

Have you ever discovered an interesting person on Twitter and wondered what other social media services they were on so you could connect with them on there as well? This could be a painstaking process if you have to do it manually. Enter Qwerly, a new service that allows you to search for a Twitter user and then it provides a page that lists all of the other social media accounts for them along with some recent content they created or shared on them.

As you can see from the screenshot above it pulls some nice data about me including:

  • My Twitter profile info
  • Icons and links to 18 social media sites I’m registered on (not sure how many services are supported)
  • My recent activity across several of these sites for example: latest tweets, Plancast events, photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube, favorited songs from last.fm, and bookmarks from Delicious
  • A contact list of the people I follow on Twitter with icons and links to their social media services and Qwerly profiles. Very handy!
  • A link to my Klout profile

Some other nice features that it offers are the ability to claim your profile by using Twitter Oauth. Once you’ve done that you can edit your basic profile information along with being able to add or edit the social media services associated with your account. Once you have your profile setup the way you like it, they offer the ability create embed code that you can use many ways such as adding to your about page or providing as an email signature. Lastly they offer an API for developers to tap into their service.

So there are quite a few cool features with this service but I have found the ability to navigate to my contacts profile pages to be one of the funnest. By being able to get a simple focused Lifestream of my friends recent activity across all the services they use makes for a fun way to surf around and discover content they are sharing or creating. It would appear that this service has the underlying logic to create the content consumption holy grail I’ve written about.

So as you can see I really like this site and for being in alpha, Qwerly is already a pretty great and sophisticated service and I look forward to watching how it develops and evolves in the future. Go claim your profile and start surfing your friends lifestreams now.