See Friends Media Consumption on Spotify and Netflix

Recently I’ve seen the addition of both Spotify and Netflix showing me friends activity on their sites. Spotify does this by showing friends who listen to a band on their artist pages and Netflix lists people on show pages as “watched by friends”. This is a nice feature and it’s interesting to see what your friends interests are in music and programs.



In the case of Spotify this feature provides a way to discover new music by visiting your friends profiles to see what else they listen to. Netflix unfortunately doesn’t provide the ability to visit friends activity which limits its usefulness. Hopefully they will add that ability soon.

I like this trend and I hope we start seeing it pop up in more places. It would be nice to visit an Amazon product page to learn that a friend had purchased the item at which point I can ask them about it for a trusted recommendation.

Have you seen similar functionality on other sites? Please share them in the comments.

Below I’ve provided details on how to turn on this feature on Spotify and Netflix.

To turn on go to: Edit -> Preferences and at the top you check the box “Share my activity…Spotify”


To turn on go to: Your Account -> Social Settings and turn on “Share my activity on Netflix”.


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