14 thoughts on “Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #11”

  1. Live.squarespace doesn't really fall under the definition of self-hosted. It uses a tool that is hosted on 3rd party servers, called Squarespace. From their site:


    “Squarespace is a hosted web service. We do not have plans to make a downloadable version, partially because our unique hosting architecture is such a strong point of our service. To put Squarespace on a shared web host would be to ruin it. Squarespace provides many standard methods for exporting your data should you need to move.”

    Just saying.

  2. While I haven't personally used Squarespace, from what I've gathered they are basically a combination platform / hosting provider. Ultimately you still have the flexibility to customize and create your own distinct looking Lifestream using the service. This has been the distinction I've used for these galleries.

    To further confuse things and blur the lines even more, you really have the ability to use services such as Tumblr & Storytlr to customize a Lifestream design and even map to your own domain while still hosting on their server.

    Basically I use these galleries to highlight unique Lifestreams that can't be generated using services such as FriendFeed, Lifestream.fm, Iminta, and other “fixed design” services. Hopefully that clarifies things a bit.

    Take a look at Tyler's Lifestream (which I discovered after his comment) on Squarespace and I think it definitely is worthy of the distinction.

  3. Then you're talking about “customised” or “cool-looking” lifestreams –
    not “self-hosted”.

    Not a huge problem, just your title is misleading.

  4. Hey thanks for including my site! Kudos to Yong Fook I first saw a lifestream through a random web-search that landed on his site.

    My sites code is only sudo-custom 🙂
    It is based on drupal with some contributed modules
    Off the top of my head I used:
    Image Cache
    Feed API
    Feed API Mapper
    And probably some others I am forgetting…
    And some custom CSS and basic XHTML

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