Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #2

Here’s the latest collection of unique self hosted Lifestreams
Code: RSS Stream WordPress Plugin


A Division by Zer0
Site: A Division by Zer0
Code: Custom version of Simplelife WordPress Plugin


Benjamin Golub
Site: Benjamin Golub
Code: Custom using Django


Griffin and Hoxie
Site: Griffin and Hoxie
Code: Unknown
Site: (now redirects to his Profile)
Code: Unknown


Site: Wally’s World
Code: Custom using FriendFeed & MyBlogLog API’s

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  1. Deks Daka

    Hey I figured out what is using. He is the creator of and he must have been utilizing the api from to power his lifestream. I can't wait to use it. I signed up for a beta code and am hoping it will come. I wanta see the Xbox Live feature. It looks sweet.

  2. Mark Krynsky

    Hey Deks, I just sent you an invite to Hope you enjoy it.

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