Self Hosted Lifestream Mashup Using FriendFeed + Shadowbox + Google Charts

I came across another sweet self-hosted Lifestreaming mashup using Friendfeed + Shadowbox.js + Google Charts. This project was created by Wally J Punsapy.

His Lifestream displays a nice legend of the services in his stream. In it, he uses:

  • FriendFeed API to pull in his stream data
  • Google Charts to display stats showing his distribution of data coming from all his services
  • Shadowbox as a nice visual touch to display the expanded versions of his Flickr photos, YouTube videos, Amazon wishlist images, and I’m assuming any other image that comes out of his imported FriendFeed data

You can see a shot of his Lifestream below and read more about this project on his post here.lifestream_gallery_wally_sm.jpg

But that’s not all folks. He’s also created a mobile version of his FriendFeed powered Lifestream with some help from Symfony which you can see a screenshot of below. You can view his mobile Lifestream by clicking on the “dash” tab at His post on creating this can be found here.


You should go subscribe to Wally on FriendFeed here to track any other cool new projects he’s working on.

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  1. Nice. I think lot of FriendFeed users could be interesting that Yahooza share his source-code ;o)

    NB: Yahooza mobile lifestream work only on iPhone.

  2. db0

    When I saw this lifestream, I said to myself: “I have to get me one of those graphs”…and I did 😀

    And this is based on the self hosted simplelife as well 😉

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