Skype Founders Creating New Lifestreaming Service Memolane

I read over on TechCrunch today that a new startup called MemoLane out of San Francisco, and created by Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, just raised $2 million in funding.

Here’s a description of the service from the post:

Memolane is your digital memory – your tool to rediscover your social life on the Internet. Memolane is a digital platform collecting and connecting your thoughts, pictures, messages and music yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I visited the MemoLane about page and they further state “Rediscover great memories. Use Memolane to capture, create, search, comment and share your history.” On the surface this sounds like a Lifestreaming service that will aggregate content but it sounds like there may be a focus and perhaps some logic with regards to creating more of a digital diary than your typical service that might also have some logic tied to the data. The site isn’t currently in beta and you can only submit your email to be notified of updates. TechCrunch stated they will have more info in a few weeks. Sounds like a service worth staying in tuned for.

via TechCrunch