Social Cameras Could Add a Compelling Source for Lifestreaming

Thomas Hawk is CEO of and I came across his post which was in response to Dave Winer’s post New idea: Social Cameras. Thomas’ post is a very interesting read and I think touches on some very cool technologies and concepts that could be coming in the near future in digital photography. I’ve always been a geek with regards to the EXIF data in my digital pictures and it would be so cool to have a camera with GPS that could store Lat / Long in that area. I also think that photo sharing sites that leverage this and any additional meta data cameras begin to store in the future will provide for some great features. Flickr has a Cameras page that already uses EXIF data.

Here’s a snip from Thomas’ post:

The technology to do this is pretty close. The first step with this technology will be event driven. Event photos is a huge area of interest. But there is no reason that the same technology cannot also be used to create a sort of personal lifestream that allows you to track the photos being taken around you on a time space continuium. A timeline of your photos, with the photos closest to yours on the timeline also being presented.

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  1. Hi,

    do you know about BreezeBrowser/Downloader Pro and his capability of reading GPS data from the Sony GPS-CS1 GPS and writing it into the EXIF data.
    “Automatically geo-tag images using GPS data from devices like the Sony GPS-CS1 tracker”


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