Some More Insight Into Google’s Acquisition of Jaiku

I just read this great story titled “Will Google take the mobile world of Jaiku onto the Web?” from The International Herald Tribune.

Here’s a clip:

But the deal, announced in October, has much of the tech-tracking blogosphere buzzing with excitement. Some claim it is the harbinger of a brave, new and truly interconnected world, where a large chunk of our existence will migrate online.

I had originally been curious about whether the Google acquisition was primarily based on the “Twitter” functionality Jaiku offered, or was the Lifestreaming platform features also part of the attraction.

I recently spoke to someone which let me know their site was also recently being courted by Google for possible acquisition. They told me that during the process, Google had specific questions regarding the Lifestream functionality offered by them. This further piqued my suspicion that Google was very aware of Lifestreaming, and that it was probably played a large part of the equation in the purchase of Jaiku.

Take this quote form the story as well…

Jaiku is “a mobile company in the business of creating smarter presence applications,” and therefore “a leader in a category most people haven’t fully grasped yet,” according Tim O’Reilly, a technology conference promoter who is credited with the phrase Web 2.0.

…and assume that’s the echoed sentiment that permeated with Google giving it the forthought to choose Jaiku over Twitter.

Ahhh…it doesn’t seem that long ago (Feb of this year) that Jaiku founder Petteri Koponen commented on my original Lifestreaming post. That post, and the subsequent comments and interest was the fuel that prompted me to start this site…boy has this movement really picked up steam.

3 thoughts on “Some More Insight Into Google’s Acquisition of Jaiku”

  1. When I look at Twitter, I see the seed of an idea that that was never pushed further, or at least as far as it should have been.

    For some, it’s minimalist approach is what differentiates Twitter from Jaiku and Pownce. I say it’s limited options are the very reasons Google didn’t buy them and not Jaiku.

    I’m currently writing a guest post about Yahoo! Pipes, and in many ways Jaiku emulates the basic Lifestream / Workstream building tools Yahoo! Pipes offers…

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