to Relaunch as a Lifestreaming Service

I just read on that currently has a new Lifestreaming service in private beta.

Here’s a snip:

The company hopes to take the lifestreaming features offered by Web 2.0 darling FriendFeed a step further by adding the ability to build a “taste profile” based on your social media usage patterns.

You can read the whole story here.

It appears that one of the focuses for them is to offer a filtering algorithm for the data in the stream. I am starting to see more of this lately and see this as the next phase in Lifestreaming. I’m looking forward to checking out the service as soon as I can somehow finagle an invite.

UPDATE: You can read more about the service on their blog post here

6 thoughts on “ to Relaunch as a Lifestreaming Service”

  1. I'll hook you up with an invite. 😉

    @Louis Gray – We view aggregation as a means to an end (as do probably most that are in this space). The differentiation between the services that have aggregation as a feature will ultimately be made by what they do with that data/information and the consumer problem they are trying to solve.

    I obviously know what Strands' goal is, but wouldn't be surprised if FF's and others' were totally different. Which is cool. We just happen to all be early into a nascent market where people fall back to make comparisons of “it's like X (market-leader), only YY”. As the market (and products in the market) matures, I think we will see less of those blanket statements. I see it analogous a scenario where just because Site X and Site Y both have sitemail as a feature, it doesn't mean they are trying to solve the same consumer problems.

  2. Thanks for the offer Jason and I TOTALLY agree with your statement which I'm sure echoes the sentiments of many Lifestreaming services. Very well stated. Aggregation is proliferating everywhere and the real fun will begin when, as you put it “what they do with that data/information and the consumer problem they are trying to solve”.

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