The Amazing 12 Year Daily Photo Project of Noah Kalina

Thanks to Sam Aminisam I came across this amazing video of Noah Kalina who started a project 12 years ago to take a photo of himself every day. I’ve seen quite a few of these projects that last one year or even a few years but haven’t come across one that is done so well to distinctly capture this length of time. It’s really an incredible process to watch the facial transformation of a 12 year period captured in less than 7 minutes.


Here I’ve provided Noah’s first and last photos in the video spanning 12 years


There are several apps and web services that can help facilitate doing this on your own. Noah promotes the Everyday app for iOS in the description of his video. I’ve found two Android equivalent apps that include 365 Photo App and the Photo Every Day app. There are also several web services out there that provide this functionality. A few years ago I reviewed Daily Mughshot which was the first such web service I came across to do this. Since then there have been several more including the popular Daily Booth although it doesn’t offer a video slideshow of your photos. You can always monitor the Define page which I update with various web services and apps that can be used to create content to populate your Lifestream.


If you’re aware of any good apps or services please share in the comments.