The Locker Project Website has Launched

Just a few weeks ago The Locker Project launched a blog and now more recently they’ve launched a full fledged website around the project. If you’re not familiar with the project you can catch up on my original post here.

This new site provides links to the Github repository, documentation, and the blog. In addition they’ve added a vision statement. It really illuminates the need for the project and sets the tone for why it was formed.

Here it is in its entirety:

Why We’re Doing This

As we go through our lives we create vast amounts of data. Emails, phone calls, social network posts, photos, utility bills, health monitoring devices, text messages, browsing data, purchase receipts and more are all born out of the regular course of our actions. It’s more than just data. It represents our actions, interests, intentions, communications, relationships, locations, behaviors and creative and consumptive efforts.

Currently, our data is scattered everywhere. It lives in and is usually owned by the various networks into which it was created or exchanged. It’s aggregated by third party trackers and targeters looking to deliver advertising, content and services to you. Billions of dollars are exchanged, industries built upon and value created off of our data, and it serves as the basis and is the foundation for some of the largest power structures on the web, and in the world at large.

Meanwhile, the people who have benefited least from this ecosystem are the very people originating the data. Often times, in fact, these channels and organizations go out of their way to limit our ability to extract our data from the network and reuse our own content. Limitless opportunities for engaging personalized applications and web experiences, as well as more free and open communication are lost when this happens.

You can visit the newly launched Locker Project site here.

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