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I came across this very interesting page via comment on Emily Chang’s site. It appears that Ian Camarillo has an interesting idea for a site he wants to develop. The site would match your web usage for a 24 hour period against other users that have a similar pattern. Unfortunately it looks like all we get so far is an image of a concept tease for the home page. I hope he moves forward with this.

P.s. This wasn’t posted on April Fools

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  1. Possibly maybe…

    Hey hey, did you see that LiFE-LiNE minize web-page you are recently visited* ?
    (*) Or “mark as read” without visited them.

  2. Chris Saad

    It would probably be more useful to compare APML files than browsing histories. Not quite as volatile and fine grained – but still unique enough to produce some great results.

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