What Is This Mystery Lifestreaming Site?

I came across Namethis.com today which apparently is a service for prospective websites to elicit suggestions for names from the public with a cash bounty for the winners. I hadn’t heard of this site before. it’s an interesting concept and I landed here because there is a new new Lifestreaming site that has posted a page here to help name their service.

The description for the site sounds interesting discussing features such as custom designing, recommendation engine, APML exporting, affiliate program based on stream data, and ease of use. Sounds interesting, hopefully we get more info after they get named.

I’m actually surprised by how many people have actually submitted names. 140 names as of the time of this writing with 22 hours left for submissions. There’s some pretty interesting ones in there. Go check it out. It would be great if one of my readers submitted a name that gets accepted and got paid to boot. Good luck.