Win a Trip to Denmark Simply by Using Lifestreaming Skills


There is currently a contest that has been launched called 48 hours in Denmark calling out users to displaying their Lifestreaming skills using multiple services including YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and blogging.

Here’s a few details from the site

Basically we’re offering you a free trip to Denmark, with all expenses paid. Plane, hotel, food and fun. What’s the catch? We want you to show us how you use digital media when you travel as a tourist. We want you to tell us how you’ve researched the trip, how you use digital media while you are here, and how you share your experiences when you get home. Anything goes, as long as it has got something to do with digital media. We expect blogging, twittering, lifestreaming and flickring to come together – maybe even some services we haven’t heard about. (When discussing the project on your blog, twitter og vlog please use the tag #48hoursindk – this way we can track the chatter!)

They have a questions page and when asked about what the Lifestreaming examples should contain I found this answer provided

just show of how brilliant you are at using social media. Creative videos with good ideas are of course preferred

So who is behind this and why are they doing it?

It appears to have been an idea created by Danish consultants Seismonaut, for the Midtjysk Turisme, a Danish tourism agency. Their goal is to better understand how the tech savvy use digital media when travelling and what it means for the tourist industry.

This sounds like an interesting opportunity for someone who has become an avid Lifestreamer to show their skills and win a nice trip to boot. I’m sure many readers of this blog would make perfect candidates to win such an opportunity. So get out there and apply for this and if you do, please provide updates here in the comments during the process.  Once they narrow the entrants to 10, they will provide online voting to select the winners and readers here would surely love to help you win.

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  1. Thanks for the post – we'd love to have some of your readers come over to the site and apply.

    Lifestreaming is actually one of the things we are quite interested in, since it represents something that is not yet as widespread as for instance traditional blogging.

    We just got the first official video application, which can be viewed under the blog section. It doesn't have to be harder than what Rachel Stevens has done in that …

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