WordPress Themer Jason Schuller Reboots His Lifestream

You may remember Jason Schuller from previous posts here at Lifestream Blog. He called out for users to provide feedback on a Lifestreaming theme he was working on and released it for free back in September.

Well today he announced a re-design of his personal Lifestream and I think it looks pretty good. I’m a big fan of segregating your aggregation (Hah, I like that) by individual services which he’s done. I like how he offers a brief description for each service. I would like to see better use of screen real estate to provide more services on the screen, but it still looks good.

No word on whether he plans on releasing this new theme like he did with his previous Lifestream.

Click image to visit Jason’s Lifestream


3 thoughts on “WordPress Themer Jason Schuller Reboots His Lifestream”

  1. Mark, I'm curious why you are a fan of segregating services? I feel it does the lifestream a disservice because everything is disjointed. It doesn't create a cohesive narrative, but rather chunks of information about which the user must infer connections. The ability to be able to filter the stream by service or category is important, but displaying updates on a per-service basis is not the truest or most accurate portrayal of a lifestream.

  2. Kelly, actually I should clarify. I like supplementing a traditional Lifestream with the addition of either filters for the services that are used or widgets that run alongside it with data segregated by services. If several days go by without my use of a particular service (often the case with say YouTube postings) it's nice to display the most recent items I created on that service which would normally get lost.

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