Get a Stream of Your 2012 Facebook and Twitter Highlights with these Tools

I was reading my news in Prismatic and came across this post from ABC News of all places on these 2 cool ways to get a highlights summary of your activity on Facebook and Twitter.

The method for Twitter is by using a service I reviewed earlier this year called Vizify. The summary they create will provide you with your most epic tweet of the year (based on retweets) and identify your “Golden Follower” which is the user that mentioned you the most over the year. The summary will also provide a breakdown of the most popular keywords and hashtags you used over the year. In this view you will see how many times you used the term along with responses and even have the ability to see their usage on a timeline and be able to hover over them to see the individual tweets. You can get this Twitter summary by visiting this link or take a look at mine here. I would highly recommend going ahead and creating a full account on Vizify as well as the service has some great features.

Vizifiy Twitter 2012 Summary
Vizifiy Twitter 2012 Summary


The Facebook summary is a feature that has been added natively on the service. Anybody can create the custom page immediately simply by visiting this link. The page you create starts off by displaying a collage of photos you’ve posted over the year. Below that is a breakdown of all the friends you’ve added along with all the pages you’ve liked. Then it continues with a stream of your posts which in some cases are based on having the most likes and comments but I saw several that made it in that didn’t meet that restriction so I’m not sure what method they used to determine why those made it. In any case it’s a nice way to look back on the year.




The 2012 year in review page also provides a link to this Facebook site which provides trends across that they’ve determined based on the site data as well. The site provides top ten lists for several categories over the year such as memes, events, moste listened to songs, most read books, and much more. They also provide trends across the world. Definitely worth a visit as well.




I’ll keep an eye out for any more services that provide analysis of our data over the year and if you come across any please list them in the comments.


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