Create an Interactive Bio Infographic Powered by Your Social Data with Vizify

I recently tested out a new service in private beta called Vizify. The concept is fairly simple, connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts and it will generate an interactive bio infographic based on the imported data. But after the service does a great job analyzing your data to automatically create your profile, it actually offers quite a bit more.

After the import you’ll have a home page that is made up of several categories based on the data imported. This includes details about your career, check-ins, and most commonly used words. You can either choose to drill down on a specific area from the home page or navigate sideways in a slide-show fashion. The detail pages for each category are interactive and some provide additional unique insights based on the imported data. For instance the “Words” page lets you slide through a timeline to see the actual tweets where you have used your most common words. Your “Activities” page aggregates all of your check-ins into categories that include food, professional, shops & services, and other. Then within each of those it shows sub-categories in descending order by the number of check-ins. It’s actually quite interesting. For instance, my top restaurants are American, burgers, and Japanese. There are also a few categories where they somehow figured out a way to pre-populate the area with some great choices. This includes two photos with captions that appeared as well as a quote and a factoid.

Click image to view my bio on Vizify

Once the automated site is built you can then edit each of the individual categories. For example in the “Locations” area you can manually add different places you have lived and once completed you will have a nice animated map that presents hops from each location. You can also edit the headlines for each category. They also provide the ability to re-arrange each category order on the page using a drag and drop interface. If you want you can remove any category and you can also manually add new pages for the photo, quote, or factoid categories. That factoid category allows you to add a number with a fact that surrounds it. This has a very Felton report feel to it. There are also some basic design color choices they let you apply to your page.

I’ve seen Vizify get compared to services like and Those are great services, but Vizify is another beast entirely and different from anything else I’ve seen out there frankly. While those sites let you connect to social services and import live streams from them, Vizify simply connects to your services so that it can analyze the data and present it in a unique way that acts as a bio page that paints a pretty good detailed picture of who you are. It doesn’t show any live stream information from the connected social services. However there is a “Links” category page where people can find you on the connected social services you’ve added. You can read more about how they distinguish their service here.


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Overall I found Vizify to provide a great way to uniquely present a pretty good bio about me simply by aggregating and analyzing the data I’ve generated on other services. It also does it in the beautiful visual fashion of an infographic which has become all the rage in recent years. It’s a unique service that is well worth trying out. You can visit my bio page here. Vizify has been nice enough to provide readers of Lifestream Blog a limited number of invites for early access to the private beta. Just sign up here and enter lifestreamblog for the invite code.

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