LifeinLines and LifeBlob. Two New Lifestreaming Services

I read today over at Startup Dunia, a blog covering Indian startups, about two new Lifestreaming services. I only have some brief information gathered from each of them as both services are currently invite only.

lifeinlines_logo.jpgThe first is called LifeinLines which appears to be more of an online diary based service.

From the site:

LiL has integrated multiple technologies to make it very simple for you to capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere, using any media. You can write on the LiL website or send LiL an email, a message from your Gtalk or an SMS/MMS. If words and images fall short of what you want to say, you can even make a phone call and record your voice.


After touring the site I didn’t see the ability to import from other services, but one can only imaging they would be adding this as an option soon. There were definitely some interesting features with regards to creating friend groups, ratings and the multitude of posting methods. If you find this site interesting you should take a look at Dandelife which I feel offers a more mature and richer feature set.

lifeblob_logo.jpgThe second service is called LifeBlob and offers the visual timeline metaphor which seems to be a UI method that is growing in popularity.

From the site:

What differentiates Lifeblob is that your timeline has a social angle to it. When you make a post on your timeline, you can include a list of people who are related to the post or who were participants if the post is about a real event. And instantly, the post not only becomes a part of your timeline, but also shows up on the timelines of all these participants, thereby establishing a relationship ( a.k.a bridge ) between all these timelines.


At first glance it looks fairly similar to Dipity which I’ve written about. The timeline interface itself isn’t quite as robust as Dipity’s with regards to fluidity and zoom factors. Also, I was only able to view profiles that had imported images from Picasa and blog posts. I liked how they grouped the images in the timeline along with the expansions. Each timeline also offered tags for keywords and locations which if clicked on, offered a filtered timeline view. These filters are also available from the home page.

You can visit the original story about these services from the Startup Dunia site here.

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  1. Avatar

    i think lifeblob goes directly after two things Plurk implementation of the timeline and a little bit of circavie timeline. it is like a mix of both in terms of the interface. the difference is of course the use. that i am not really convinced is well executed. having the user card inside the timeline and showing expanded by default. the way they have put the frames makes a mess of the space..still interesting.

    but what do you know. they offer it as a widget. you know what that means. 😛

  2. pranavbhasin

    Thanks for your coverage of Lifeblob. There is a follow up post on our blog that provides more details on the things being discussed here:

  3. Ankur Gattani

    Thanks so much for your coverage. The way we stand apart in our approach is the simplicity of integrating

    Multiple input mechanisms, multiple media formats and multiple layers of privacy.

    Please send me a test mail and we'd be happy to send you an alpha invite and get your feedback.

    Also, importing of addresses from other networks is in testing and would be live shortly 🙂

  4. Tyag

    Hi Ankur, I think the concept is great. I read about this on Business Today and thought how awesome it would be to be able to use so many different inputs to capture the moments. Each person has his own media of expression and your idea cuts across this and makes it easy for anyone to use. I would love an alpha invite, and i am sure i sure hope you have great success with this venture. Few IIXers end up venturing on their own, but those who have have made it big. Wish you the best.

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