Timeline Based Lifestreaming Service Allofme Now in Beta (Invites)

I wrote about Allofme.com a while back. It’s another entrant in the new niche timeline based Lifestreaming services. They join dipity and Lifeblob in this space. I recently was provided an invite and thought I’d go kick the tires on the service.

I went through the account creation process and noticed that one unique feature is the ability to upload a variety of different file types from your local computer to add to the timeline. Filetypes supported are jpg, gif, png, pdf, txt, doc, docx, ppt, pps, and xls. You can also manually add links or images as well as videos from over 25 supported sites.

This freedom makes it interesting to be more creative with respect to what you create. I like the idea and can see how it can expand the possibilities.

They also provide the more common ability of importing data from your services. They are currently limited to Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter with Facebook and Google Calendar coming soon.

I didn’t spend too much time trying to create my own timeline but have provided one that you can look at below.

After playing with the UI and some of the features I can see they’ve created a very nice service and worthy entrant into the Timeline based services.

Some of the features I liked best are:

  • Ability to tag items in timeline
  • Clicking on a “batch” of photos and navigating the zoom window (see image below)
  • Local display of images with extended data
  • Timeline collaboration with other users
  • Full screen view
  • Ability to overlay 2 timelines
  • The slick interface
  • Themed timeline videos and widgets

That last one gets the bonus super cool award and worth the price of admission. To view this in action click on this link, then look for the link at the bottom of the page that says “Play Timeline / Export Widget” and click it, then cycle through the themes. Not all were available yet, but it will be nice to see them when released.

Overall this looks like a well thought out and designed service and a solid beta worth trying out…and lucky for you, I’ve been provided with 100 invites for Lifestream Blog readers. Just visit this page and signup now.

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3 thoughts on “Timeline Based Lifestreaming Service Allofme Now in Beta (Invites)”

  1. Interesting but only 4 services?

    I would like a embedable customized version. So i can embed a especially interesting 1-2 weeks as a flash on my blog.

    Putting a whole stream up would feel creepy for the visitors.

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