Reaches Out to Users Regarding Community Functionality


I read Jodi’s post over on the blog where she is asking it’s users whether or not to add community functionality to the site.

Here’s a snip:

So, while we’re working on the UI and more features, I am especially interested in the aspect of community…So should there be a community or should the communities stay on their respective services?

This is a tough question that any Lifestreaming service must currently face and there is no easy answer as to what they should do. FriendFeed has become the most popular service and it’s arguably due specifically to its Community functionality. It’s very tempting to emulate that aspect and other services have to take notice.

Yesterday I mentioned Strands who will be focusing on taking the data from user Lifestreams and building a recommendation engine based on it.  Service aggregation is the base of a Lifestreaming service and it’s clear that the base functionality alone isn’t going to get you very far in the next phase of these services. Lifestreaming services need to bring something new to the table to define their own niche to differentiate themselves from the pack.

So go let Jodi know whether they should add Community functionality by visiting her post here

2 thoughts on “ Reaches Out to Users Regarding Community Functionality”

  1. Hi Mark, Thanks for the post. Like I mentioned on twitter, we are adding comments in the new version. A few other things as well. I personally like the comments and the community. I just keep reading everywhere how some people don't like the added noise and that the comments aren't made then on the original source as well. It's tricky, as I see it. I am following the discussion about Disqus integration on friendfeed. Speaking of Disqus, i had the plugin installed on the blog and now the comments left previously are gone, including yours. I can't seem to figure out how to get them back. I feel bad.

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