Lifestreaming Named in Top 10 Future Web Trends

Today I came across a post on Read/WriteWeb called 10 More Future Web Trends. It appears that the story is a follow up to a post where they had picked 10 future trends and created this new list based on the feedback from users stating that their list wasn’t quite ambitious enough.

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Coming in at #5 was User-controlled, open Internet Identity

Thomas Huhn pointed out that “forming your online identity, controlling what personal data you give to whom and aggregating all your and your environments lifestreams in an open social network is simply essential for the further development of the web.” We’re seeing this develop now (it’s sometimes referred to as, you guessed it, Identity 2.0), but the scenario Thomas described is 5+ years into the future.

Thomas Huhn appears to be one of the people behind a new Lifestreaming site called His appearance on the list was based this post from his blog.

In that post he states the following:

YoWhassup goes a natural and simple way to put you in control: Every contact, every information that comes in from one of your lifestreams and every information you generate yourself is asked to be shared with one of your networks: with one simple click you decide if you keep a contact secret, public, or share it with e.g. your professional network.

It’s nice to see Lifestreaming continue to make it’s way into the mainstream and is definitely poised to become the foundation for many new services in the near future. Not the least of which will be to take these detailed profiles of our lives and find ways to enrich it based on all the data.

Now i’m off to try and get an invite to Yowhassup…stay tuned.

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