Screenshot Preview of New Lifestream Service

If you read my post “Lifestreaming named in top 10 future web trends” then you saw I mentioned Today I got a message via Pownce from Thomas Huhn who is the founder of the site. The message included a screenshot of the dashboard. I asked Thomas if I could share it with my readers and he agreed.

It’s a very interesting image that provides some insight into features that we can expect from this service. The status update feature appears to allow the use of the service as a publishing platform for other services. So whereas most Lifestreaming services are primarily “read-only” with regards to the content, this service appears to offer some ‘write” abilities.

I’m very much looking forward to test driving this service soon. Dashboard

2 thoughts on “Screenshot Preview of New Lifestream Service”

  1. from the screenshot it looks like a bit cluttered. I am waiting for someone to figure out a clean, simple interface yet functional for a lifestream

  2. Hard to judge the site based simply on that screenshot, but I can understand where you’re coming from. Simplicity / Clutterness of a Lifestreaming service will primarily be dictated by the feature set and functionality someone wants. That’s why there are so many players that offer so many flavors in this space.

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