Lifestreaming with 30 Boxes

I heard about 30 boxes last year after reading a post on Techcrunch. It was a very slick online calendaring application and has become very popular. I hadn’t used it much since I first signed up last year. Apparently though, they have been focusing quite a bit of attention on allowing users to build social identities on the system

So today I surprisingly came across a post on their blog titled “Lifestreaming with 30 Boxes“. Chalk up one more point for Lifestream being used as the term for this concept. In the post they discuss some new functionality.

Here’s a snip

Finally, our public Buddy pages just got two fresh views. You can now view people in “life stream” or “network stream” modes and get a feel for people’s social history (or their group social history.

I wasn’t aware that they offered feed aggregation on the site much less the Lifestreaming and buddy concepts. It appears that this has always been part of their roadmap based on another blog post where they dub the Social Supernet term. They discuss how although most of the buzz around them has been about the calendar, they really want to also be about social identity. Another post on Jeff Clavier’s blog stresses the point even further. I don’t know how I missed these guys in my Lifestreaming search, but I’m glad to have been enlightened today.

So I logged in, made my way to the feed page and added the feeds that currently make up my lifestream. I made my way to my Lifestream page and I have now added 30 Boxes to the growing list of sites to the new gallery. They also offer a widget / badge so that you can embed your Lifestream on your own site.

1 thought on “Lifestreaming with 30 Boxes”

  1. It’s seem they use Lifestream plugin… Not ?

    Why nobody try another UI way than this plugin ?

    I believe users would want to add lot of feeds and will require enhanced search or filter features for readers.

    I work to allow mYLastRSS to fetch more than 20 feeds. And you will surprise by LifeLine engine 3.0 :o”

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