The Many Terms Used to Describe the Lifestreaming Concept

There are many terms that are used to describe the concept of a chronological aggregated view of your online activities. I chose to adopt Lifestream for several reasons. My initial introduction to the concept came from reading Jeremy Keith’s post who coined the term. Also, I like the image the two words bring to mind within the context.

Life – Defining how we live both online and offline
Stream – A constant flow of this recorded information

Limiting the concept to ones digital life is only determined by the types of feeds published. Between my Flickr & Youtube feeds alone, I can provide ample ways of displaying my life in the offline world. Below I list some of the many terms used to describe this concept with their associated people and sites. I don’t think there will ever be a definitive term, but it’s good to be aware of these as you navigate in search of resources.

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  1. Tarun Saigal

    Hi there….i came across your blog via my weeky trawl on whats new and newsy on Emily Changs site ….and seemingly being a relatively new blog, I managed to go thru all the posts listed on the side panel. Can I say my interest was piqued by the concept of lifestreaming, but can I say I even got a faint idea of what its about …the honest answer is no. So I was hoping you could either write a short concise piece on the concept, why and how…OR point me inthe direction of another site where i can read up on lifestreaming 101. Cheers

  2. admin

    Tarun, did you read the about page? The concept is explained there. If you have any more questions, let me know.


  3. Fred

    This seems to be another case of the web 2.0 crowd breathing their own exhaust.
    The term lifestream was coined by David Gelernter back in the early nineties, or before.

  4. Clay Spinuzzi

    “Breathing their own exhaust” is a little unfair, since the concept has mutated quite a bit from Gelernter and colleagues’ mid-nineties work. I have a preliminary lit review on my blog.

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