Monica Wilkinson’s Activity Streams 101 Session at Internet Identity Workshop as told by Kevin Marks

The Internet Identity Workshops are on-going meetups for people to gather and discuss innovation and collaboration “working towards the shared vision of a decentralized, user-oriented identity layer for the Internet”. Some of the topics covered at their workshops are:

  • The Personal Data Ecosystem
  • The Federated Social Web
  • User-Centric Identity applied (OpenID, OAuth, XRD)
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Active Clients (tools in the browser and other clients)
  • Identity in the Cloud

You can learn more about the group by visiting their about page.

At their most recent workshop last week Monica Wilkinson did an intro session on Activity Streams. You may remember I wrote about Monica’s talk on the future of lifestreaming at the 140Conf last year. Monica led the effort at MySpace to implement Activity Streams. She’s also worked at Facebook and is currently at SocialCast. Activity Streams is an open standard format that currently provides the best effort towards implementing lifestreaming functionality on websites and services. It continues to evolve and gain adoption thanks to Monica, Chris Messina, and many other people working on the  project.

Kevin Marks who is also an Activity Streams proponent live tweeted during Monica’s session at IIW. I also saw that he bundled his tweets using Storify which is my favorite new web service. Below is his collection of tweets from the session which also provides a nice intro to Activity Streams.

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