More Lifestreaming with SimplePie

On the heels of my previous post I got an email from reader Adam Stiskala about his current Lifestream development effort using SimplePie.

He goes on to ask:

I was wondering whether you would have ideas on how I could get some feedback form the community on what they would like to see included and where I can take it from where it currently is.

I’m interested and hopefully other users here are as well so I’ll start.

First off can you tell us a little bit about the code? Is it a wordpress or other platform plugin or just some custom php scripting? Are you building an admin screen to determine the headers and feeds that are filtered within them? (ie. “generated content” has “blog” and “flickr”). I don’t think admin is necessary if you have good commented code with a section to add the headers and desired feeds for them. Same goes for ability to define icon for feeds.

I’ll open the forum for Adam to tell us a little more about this as I think it could be useful for those of us that would like to host (or at least supplement) a Lifestream on our own sites. I also encourage others to leave comments for him as well.

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  1. Hey!

    Just thought I’d answer some of those questions.

    Currently the LifeStream is developed as an independent PHP web-app. There is no admin section yet, but all of the categories and feed data is contained within a mySQL database so this is a possibility.

    I have also played with different ways to display the LifeStream data. As well as the page, I also have an RSS Feed ( and Image format (

    The data for each feed is fetched from the respective RSS feed at a user-defined interval. This is currently done using a cron job.

  2. I think Adams version seems to be the most advanced Lifestream script I’ve seen so far.

    I would be very interested in getting my hands on the source 😀

  3. Looks like a great start. I’d certainly like to participate in any trials as well, especially if it is set up as a WordPress plugin.

  4. Seems Adam has replied (saw it on his Lifestream), but I don’t see it listed here.

    Regardless, I understand it is not a WP plugin, but will you be releasing the code at some point?

  5. If you are interested in playing around with the code as it is now, send an email to adam (at) stiskala (dot) id (dot) au and I’ll forward it to you for testing.

  6. I’ve created a livestream similarly to Adam’s one (his “all”-section) here. I used simplepie and the integrated favicon-handler, but I wonder why the favicons of flickr or aren’t displayed in Opera or IE while favicons of my own blogs or appear. In firefox this problem doesn’t exist. It’s not a css-problem. It seems to be a problem of simplepie.

  7. Hi, I heavily desire a lifestream on my website. If anybody happens to have the code that was mentioned in this post will you please forward it to eric dot stacey at gmail dot com ? Thanks so much!

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