Self Hosted Lifestreams Using SimplePie

I recently began the process of migrating my self hosted Lifestream to be powered by SimplePie and its WordPress Plugin. I first became aware of this method on Amos Moses Griffin’s Lifestream page.

Manuella LifestreamCoincidentally enough I got an email from Manuella last week who had just created her Lifestream using Simplepie and some custom CSS. She also wrote a tutorial on her process to create it which currently is only in German. She told me she may update it in English, but for now I decided to run it through Babelfish for those of us that don’t sprecken the Deutch.

6 thoughts on “Self Hosted Lifestreams Using SimplePie”

  1. Nice to see you mention SimplePie Mark. It’s such a (relatively) easy way to create a Lifestream. They just updated to version 1.0, and I believe have a tutorial somewhere on their site that can help one create a popurl type page.

    Manuella’s obviously taken the css to a beautiful place. I’m more a minimalist guy due to code ignorance. I’m gonna have to read that tutorial though.

    If you haven’t already, go check out Creative Synthesis’ Personal Zeitgeist. They created a downloadable template for a lifestream with SimplePie as the backbone. Unfortunately, seems their site is currently in chaos. If you’d like I can shot you an email with a link so you can take a look at what I downloaded awhile back.

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  3. Creative synthesis is fine now. You go on vacation for a week and look what happens. We have some bigger plans for the personal zeitgest related to our recycled research. Stay tuned.

  4. I started building my lifestrem script based on Jeremy Ketith’s original script – now I’m starting over using SimplePie and it’s just so easy.

    Manuella’s tutorial is a great place to start.

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