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Lifestream Blog Logo 250px widthA few weeks ago I called on the Lifestream Blog readers to help me design a Logo for the site. The power of the internet shines again as I was fortunate to have Jim Murphy put me in touch with Amanda who runs her own site at With just a few thoughts from me and time spent understanding the purpose of my site she did an amazing job of capturing a fantastic logo that I am extremely happy with.

During the process we bounced back some emails and then eventually started IM’ing quite a bit. Over the years I’ve worked with quite a few designers and she offered great advice and insight that rivals that of paid professionals I’ve used in the past. Here’s an excerpt of an email she sent me to give you an idea.

The text flows along the baseline, so it gives you the feel of your EKG! Then the actual flow of it, of course… since there’s no interruption between the letters… well is the flow (like a river or stream) that we were talking about. Then the dot of the eye will be a synapses/quasar sort of thing- and it can stand on it’s own.It would give you a lot of variations, and you could use the dot as an icon.

She was a joy to work with and I highly recommend anyone who needs any design work to give her a shot. I know you’ll be happy.

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  1. Nice artwork… Great Amanda :o) .oO( have you got lifestream ? Want LifeLine profile ?)

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