Nice Posterous Overview and Why You Should Lifestream

Today Len Kendall did a great write-up outlining the features and value of Posterous. He did this from a PR standpoint but I think it applies to everyone. If you still haven’t tried the service, this is a great overview.


You can also take a look at my post describing the difference between Posterous and the more common Lifestreaming aggregation model.

Len’s post also discusses why you should be Lifestreaming by covering the value of sharing resources with other people and spurring conversations around that content. I’ve also written several posts on that subject including Why you should be Lifestreaming? and 5 elements for a well balanced Lifestream worth reading if you need some more reasons.

One of my favorite features about Posterous is its auto-posting (syndicatoin) features. Here’s a snip from Len describing his workflow with regards to that:

Syndication is one of the biggest benefits of Posterous. When you send an email post, it not only pops up on your Posterous blog, but you can easily have it syndicatate to all your other pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. A lot of people ask (in PR, and outside) how do you manage so many social networks? The answer is that you don't. You just manage a few that syndicate the content elsewhere. I personally don't like spending time on Facebook and LinkedIn for example, but all my content still streams to those sites. If people want to follow me there, they can do easily because of this tool. If they happen to interact with me there, I have notifications in place to respond on the specific site if needed.

via Constructive Grumpiness – Posterous for PR (And why you should Lifestream).

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