Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #1

This is a new feature here at the Lifestream Blog. As the Lifestreaming concept proliferates across the web, I am seeing more people using scripts, plugins, and other code to create some unique Lifestreams that are self hosted. I plan to spotlight some of these sites. This will hopefully be an on-going feature as I come across some great sites in the future. Also feel free to submit sites to me by using the contact form.
Code: Custom
Code: Gregarius


Vodka for Breakfast
Code: RSS Stream


Code: Custom


Apollo Lemmon
Code: SimpleLife WordPress Plugin

17 thoughts on “Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #1”

  1. Yongfook’s looks good! I’m really tempted to turn my site into a lifestream (and/or tumblelog) very soon and I was thinking of a linear look, but Yongfook’s layout is a good way to do it as well!

  2. I remember Yongfook. It’s most beautifull I ever see… Perhaps I will try to fake this way :op

    And I like Decafbad which provide same “instant” filter than my project… Nice work :o)

  3. Nice list here Mark. Yongfook is easily the best implimentation of a lifestream I’ve seen. It’s actually a bit more than a lifestream, and goes in a direction I think more blogs should go. It’s basically making your site a lifestream. Maybe it’s just the structure, but I’m thinking he’s onto something there.

  4. @Neil I found out about your Lifestream from your tweet

    @Yongfook looks like folks really like your design. Thanks for providing the link to your code. I’m sure people will appreciate that.

    @Amos Yep, more and more people are turning to microblogging using Tumblr & Twitter. Our attention span keep shrinking and the time we spend to create content seems to be suffering as well. Not sure if that’s good.

  5. Ah cool! I post so much around the place sometimes i don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

    I plan on doing more with it, just wanted to see it in action!

  6. Yeah: Yongfook is the best implimentation of a lifestream I’ve seen. And I start to consider lifestream blog as a killer of blog. It represent the next level of blogging.

    So Prologue and BuddyPress WordPress plugins could be considerated a small but significant step in blogging evolution.

    IMHO there are some barriers for lifestream self hosted diffusion:

    – Technical. There are no easy solutions. And lifestream development requires strong skills.

    – A way to bring external conversation in. A Twitter dialogue will stay on Twitter even if I import my twits.

    – A logical one. My mum will not understand what she’ll find. And I use Rss for important news. So I’ll not visit the blog daily.

    As I suggest to you Mark, I’m in love with and italian blog

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