Squarespace to Offer Lifestreaming Functionality Soon

Yesterday I came across the Lifestream page of  Taddeo Zacchini who is a graphic designer for Squarespace where he states in the header

This is my lifestream page: a new feature that will soon be available to all Squarespace users. The whole world of social network in one place, completely customizable in all parts!

Taddeo isn’t the only only one that has been bitten by the Lifestreaming bug. Squarespace staffers Tyler Thompson and Eric Anderson have also created Lifestream pages (see below). I recently spotlighted Squarespace in one of my custom Lifestream galleries for a page they created where they aggregate the Twitter streams of several staff members (note they mention the new functionality coming on this page as well). They have also created a similar page for the staff of Revision3.

The only details I’ve been able to uncover regarding the new functionality they will be rolling out is from this post on Stephan Wetzl’s blog where he states

Squarespace will make soon a big update on V5 with releasing social widgets that let you aggregate data from across your various social networks completely within the Squarespace environment. This widgets let you create amazing Lifestream sites, so that your blog or website transforms to your personal social media hub.

When I first looked at how the Squarespace admin UI functioned I was pretty amazed. They also offer the ability to import data from existing blog platforms which include WordPress, TypePad, Blogger and Movable Type allowing for a total transition. So with their upcoming functionality to create beautiful Lifestream designs, they should become a worthy new platform for anyone interested in creating a unique and custom Lifestream.

I’ll keep you posted on the release and will provide a full review once it becomes available.

Taddeo Zacchini Lifestream


Tyler Thompson Lifestream


Eric Anderson Lifestream


2 thoughts on “Squarespace to Offer Lifestreaming Functionality Soon”

  1. See, I always thought of a “lifestream” as a page that links to your entire online -history- (as opposed to current social network activity). I made a page like that which links to all my archived websites and blogs and moblogs going back to 1996 and I call that my “lifestream”.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Mark!

    I need to correct you on one small detail, however. I am not a Squarespace staffer, but a designer chosen to Beta test the Lifestream features of Squarespace… and awesome features they are!

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