SweetCron Creator Reflects on Lifestreaming and Migration to Posterous

This is slightly old news but I never posted it here so you may not have heard that Yongfook, the creator of SweetCron, has abandoned the project and now is using Posterous. So why the change? Well luckily for us Yongfook posted an explanation of his actions in a post. He had several reasons that led to his decision.

SweetCron image courtesy of Yongfook

For one, he prefers the simplicity of hosted services.

From his post

I am willing to trade a lesser degree of flexibility (flexibility that I don't particularly need) in order to outsource to a convenient, hosted solution.  This is a trade-off you begin to make more and more of as you get older, I think.  I no longer want to mess around with installing software for my personal blog.  I just want to let someone else take care of it.

But that was only one of the factors. He also goes on to explain some things he learned about Lifestreaming solo on his own site

If I’m honest, I started lifestreaming for me, not my audience.  There’s definitely a strong value proposition for blog owners who are thinking to switch to a stream – it’s maintenance free.  No more writing blog posts!  That value doesn’t translate into audience value so well, though.  I think my audience quickly got bored of seeing blurry food snapshots or out-of-context quips from my Twitter feed.  Your mileage may vary.

I’m sure that I’m older than Yongfook and yet I still don’t mind tinkering a bit software. I’m not always willing to trade flexibility for simplicity but I do weight that more and more as I’m getting older. As for his thoughts on solo Lifestreaming vs. sharing your stream in the company of others, I think it’s good to do both. Just like the concept of Lifestreaming makes it easy to digest multiple services into a single feed, I like to do the same with other people’s Lifestreams. It’s also interesting that he chose Posterous which is offers a different approach to Lifestreaming.

Besides being the creator of SweetCron, Yongfook also generated some waves when he pronounced that “The Blog is Dead”. Several blogs picked up on this and wrote posts Let’s reminisce a bit by viewing his original presentation on that subject, shall we?

Keep in mind that SweetCron is still a very popular and capable Lifestreaming software you can use. You can find out more here. You can also read Yongfook’s full post on his announcement here.