SweetCron Reviews and Resources Roundup

So I missed the boat on the SweetCron launch because I was in a boat in the Caribbean on vacation. A bit of a bummer, but I’ve been following the coverage and its been great. I’ve decided to provide a roundup of the best information I’ve found so far for you here.

For those of you not aware of SweetCron. It’s an open source Lifestreaming blog software you host yourself. For more details you can read the interview I did with its developer YongFook back in April of this year.

SweetCron has gotten quite a bit of criticism in the form of its installation, bare interface, and limited options, but it’s an initial release to the community, so some bumps can be expected. Overall I believe it appears very promising and I’m very happy to see a dedicated open source Lifestreaming platform launch. Of course that promise will be dependent on whether the open source community decides to wrap their arms around it. The support for additional services, plugins and themes will be crucial for this project to take off.

Look forward to my continued coverage as this great project matures.




SweetCron Sites

Pedro Ruiz



Overview by Bwana McCall

Write Panel Preview

Admin Panel Preview

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  3. Just got involved with Sweetcron this past week (Labor day weekend in the US.) Set it up myself on godaddy.com hosting. I have spent about 2 to 3 hours making minor customizations. Its very slick. I highly recommend checking out the group discussions on Friendfeed.com. Its got the most activity at the moment.

    Devs…more themes please!

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