lifestream-fm Returns from Hybernation. Open to Everyone Again.

After having launched immediately into public beta back in April, then acquired by Mister Wong and entering a closed beta, has opened its door to all comers again. During their private period they fixed bugs and worked on many new features. They now have all of the defacto standard features current top Lifestreaming services … Returns from Hybernation. Open to Everyone Again. Read More »

Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #2

Here’s the latest collection of unique self hosted Lifestreams Site: Code: RSS Stream WordPress Plugin   Site: A Division by Zer0 Code: Custom version of Simplelife WordPress Plugin   Site: Benjamin Golub Code: Custom using Django   Site: Griffin and Hoxie Code: Unknown   Site: (now redirects to his Profile) Code: Unknown …

Self Hosted Lifestream Gallery #2 Read More »