Tumblr + Silo = Poorman’s SweetCron

Many of you are probably already familiar with the new Lifestream blogging platform SweetCron. Well if you were captured by it’s visual style but didn’t want to pay for hosting, or deal with the technical aspects of setting it up, you’re in luck.

Tumblr is a popular free service that many people use for hosting LIfestreams. It’s big on design and allows for extensive customization of themes used to display your content. One of the already included themes that you can use is called Silo which was created by Paul Giacherio. It’s a beautiful theme that is very similar in appearance to the default Boxy theme used in SweetCron.

This should offer a quick, easy and free solution for those of you that are intrigued by SweetCron. You can view Paul’s Tumblr page to see it in action here.

11 thoughts on “Tumblr + Silo = Poorman’s SweetCron”

  1. according to Paul's site, the theme above is actually called Museum, though his Silo looks quite similar with only 3 columns.

  2. Well on the silo theme page he states “I also use it on my own tumblr at paulgiacherio.tumblr.com” but I think you are right that he has now switched back over to Museum. Either way Silo is already part of the available themes to all users on Tumblr and doesn't require uploading the custom theme file for use. But getting Museum going shouldn't be that difficult a task either.

  3. Searching inside Twitter itself works well. Just type your city in the search box at the top and hit enter! My wish for that feature is to sort the results by last update date…I don’t really want to see people who have not updated in over a year.

  4. I absolutely love this theme and its creative new layout, but it has some rendering quirks. For example, the actual dimensions of the image in this post are larger than rendered:


    And the image is a more complete square, but the bottom of it simply got chopped off. Plus, if a quote grows past a certain length, its text will run underneath the date permalink and get all mashed up.

    This all happens in both Safari 3 and Firefox 3 on Mac OS X Leopard. Any chance you're willing to update it? I'd be happy to donate if it helps.

  5. Does anyone know how to add comments (ie. the feature that will enable users to comment) to the Silo theme on Tumblr?

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