Lifestreaming Service Storytlr to Shut Down and Go Open Source

In a blog post on October 10th the team at Storytlr let users know that they will be shutting down the service at the end of this year. It’s just another casualty in a long list of Lifestreaming services that have shut down over the last year.

On shutting down…from their blog post

The reason is simple: our lives have moved on, kids were born, house were bought, new projects appeared and we don’t have time anymore to operate this service properly…We have spent the last months looking for alternatives, potential partners, and even thought about creating a startup around this project. Yet, in the end, nothing did really make sense for us and we have decided to pull the plug. It was a tough decision to make, it is a sad day, and we feel sorry for our passionate users who have put so much effort into their page and who have helped us improve the service through their many comments.

It’s a bummer because I felt Storytlr was one of the top personal Lifestreaming services out there. They especially excelled in offering very similar functionality to running a self-hosted WordPress blog. The silver lining in their decision is that they’ve decided to open source the platform. Also, unlike the shutdown of Swurl which gave no warning when they pulled the plug, they are offering several backup options. They already provided the ability to export CSV files of your data. In addition to that they will make available a way to download all of your binary files that have been uploaded as a zip file. They’ve also created a Google Group to discuss issues moving forward. I applaud them for both helping their users and now providing their platform for the benefit of others. This is definitely a great service that will be missed. I wish both Laurent & Alard the best.

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[Note: at the time of this post I had trouble both visiting the Storytlr site as well as the blog post. Hopefully things will be online again soon]