Storylr Platform Now Released as Open Source

storytlr_crI mentioned in October that Storytlr was shutting down and would be releasing their software as open source. In a blog post on Sunday they announced the initial release with plans to continue working towards a stable 1.0 release over the next few weeks.  Of note is that they released it under an Apache 2 license which means it’s non-restrictive and can be used for commercial endeavors. You can download the code now via Google Code here.

I  echo the sentiments Christina Warren at Mashable wrote yesterday about the release.

The shuttering of hosted services is just one of those things that happens on the Internet. We like that StoryTlr gave its users advanced notice, made it easy to export their existing data and have now open sourced the platform so that individuals can build their own copies or even extend the idea.

via Mashable | Lifestreaming Project StoryTlr Goes Open Source.

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