Top 12 Lifestreaming Highlights of 2009

After writing my year end post I realized that it came across as a downer and felt I needed to counter it with some of the good things that came out of Lifestreaming in 2009. So here are links to my favorite posts that I thought brought a little sunshine to my otherwise critical year.

  1. Launch of the First Lifestreaming Backup Service – Originally called Lifestream Backup and now renamed as Backupify this service creates backups of all your social media services in the cloud. I’m looking forward to them releasing a local client app to import and view the data hopefully this year.
  2. New Open Source App AmpliFeeder Brings Beautiful Visualizations for Your Lifestream – This is a really nice Lifestreaming app and the first that I’m aware of written in .NET A hosted version was announced during the original release but it has not yet materialized. Hopefully it still will.
  3. An Interview with the Father of Lifestreaming David Gelernter – An interview with the man who came up with the original concept and coined the phrase.
  4. Small Worlds Brings Innovative Lifestreaming to the Virtual World – An innovative way to Lifestream makes its way to the MMORPG world.
  5. Cliqset Wants to be Your Centralized Profile – One of many guest posts by Trae Blain. Here he provides details on Cliqset which continues to rapidly add features and functionality that is placing it at the top of the Lifestreaming services list and aiming to become a top social streaming platform.
  6. My Thoughts on Posterous as a Lifestreaming Platform – Another top service that took off this year Posterous offers a sort of reverse Lifestream. It doesn’t aggregate any services but it does an extremely great job of easily allowing you to choose to publish content from there to multiple social services. If you’re struggling to setup how to cross-post your content to multiple services you need to check them out.
  7. Gordon Bell’s Lifelogging Becoming a Reality – Another Lifestreaming pioneer who got quite a bit of press with the release of a new book and his Lifecam to soon become a reality.
  8. Storystreaming and the Future of News – A Case Study on the Austin Statesman Project – Just one of the many stories of journalism as well as companies finding ways to use Lifestreaming to better help tell their story.
  9. Custom News Brought to Me Daily by My Friends Courtesy of Twitter Times – One of the best of what I’m hoping will be more services finding ways to analyze the Lifestream data being generated to help bubble up the best stuff for us in a daily digest form since we can’t consume it 24/7.
  10. Storylr Platform Now Released as Open Source – A bittersweet end to a great Lifestreaming service that I covered quite a bit. I totally understand when a service decides to throw in the towel, but none did it as classy as these guys. I look forward to seeing some new forks from this coming in 2010.
  11. Create a Lifestream in Less than a Minute with Ident Engine – Without a doubt one of the most impressive things I saw all year. Just provide one of your profile URLs and this app will auto-discover all of your profiles and create a Lifestream. If you haven’t seen this go check it out.
  12. Build a Beautiful Lifestream Quickly with – This was a new service launched near the end of the year that offered a nice surprise. It provides a simple and elegant what to both create and display a Lifestream. I’ll be watching them for updated features and functionality.

I also was asked by Daniel Honigman to speak at the 140Conf here in LA on a panel about Lifestreaming. More impressive was the fact that we weren’t the only panel on Lifsetreaming at the conference. Although our panel was cut short by a power outage, it was still fun to have a platform to discuss Lifestreaming in front of a group and I’m looking forward to doing this more in 2010.

Mona Nomura and Kevin Sablan listening to me drop Lifestreaming knowledge at the 140Conf in LA

This is just some of the main things that caught my eye but please go peruse the nice AJAXy UI of the Archives to find other cool stuff.

Lastly, lets not forget that many people kept creating some very cool custom Lifestreams.

There I feel better now hope you do too and by all means if I missed something or you want to add your highlights, please do so in the comments.

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